Cordes (2019) film online subtitrat

Cordes (2019) film online subtitrat

Cordes (2020) film online, subtitrat in româna

O fată a paralizat. Un câine răbdător. Un duel până la moarte pentru supraviețuire. Elena is a teenage girl on troubles: resentful after the recent and accidental car crash where her sister Vera died, and quadriplegic as result of it because she was the driver, Elena and her father Miguel move to their country house to spend a few days together hoping to restore their stranded relation, specially after Miguel prevented a few weeks ago an Elena’s attempt to commit suicide by pills. With her mobility limited to neck and to a slightly movements in her right arm, Elena uses a mechanized wheelchair for moving, tied to it for avoiding to fall to the ground. Unhappy with her father plans, she also despises Athos, a Belgian Shepherd trained dog to help her for opening doors, after each one in the house have a small rope on the door handle to open it easier. However, a strange smell makes Miguel open a room on the cellar, where there is a dying bat in the ground that by surprise attacks Athos, biting in the face before Miguel kills it. Wanting to end of download the package

Ati urmarit super filmul Cordes (2019) online cu subtitrare in limba romana gratis si calitate high definition.

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Cordes (2019)

Categorii:: Drama, Horror, Thriller

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